Exercising is an important element in the Simafit detox programme.
With these exercises, you will lose body fat, but keep your muscles toned. Exercising helps you improve your overall condition and stamina, strengthen your muscles, and makes you lose a lot of waste product (fat), which is extremely important for the detox process. Several activities will help you achieve your goal of detoxing.

Morning stretch ritual: During this ritual, you stretch your muscles, allowing waste products to be removed more easily from them, making your muscles more flexible and agile. That is good for your joints and makes moving around much easier. By doing relaxation and breathing exercises, your body and mind calm down.

Walks: A lovely walk before breakfast, in the beautiful environment will strengthen your muscles (especially in your legs), joints, will improve your condition and is relaxing for your mind, despite the physical effort.

Jogging: Unfortunately, most people react to the word ‘jogging’ with: “oh no, that’s not for me, way too strenuous, won’t keep up with the pace”; you get the picture. Coached by Sima, you will learn how to jog (gradually building up your pace), how to use your body weight and how to place your feet on the ground, without taxing your joints. Jogging helps you improve your overall condition. Moreover, you will lose lots of waste product. In a SIMAFIT week, you have interval training every other day, gradually improving your overall condition and stamina through jogging and walking.

Aqua-jogging: by doing all kinds of exercise in the lovely heated pool you will burn more calories, strengthen your musculature and improve your condition. What is more, aqua-jogging is less taxing on your joints.