About me

Who am I?

My name is Sima and I have been living in beautiful sunny Portugal for over 15 years now. From an early age I knew that I wanted to care for people and stimulate them to get the best out of themselves.

Hence my choice for an intensive training as Sports instructor / Personal Coach followed by Sports massage. I have practiced this profession with great pleasure and satisfaction in the Netherlands.
In 1999 during a vacation in the Algarve in Portugal, I was exposed to juice fasting. My heart opened, both for the land and nature, as well as for the phenomenon of juice fasting.

I decided to move to the Algarve and to focus on guiding people that combine juice fasting with plenty of exercise, personal attention and massages.
I did this for several organizations and hundreds of people have already been through this process under my supervision.
Because I wanted to professionalise the procedures, I decided in 2011 to start my own business.

It is quite exciting when you go juice fasting for the first time: what happens to your body, how you feel. Therefore, it is important that you do this in a quiet, sunny environment and under expert supervision. I rent luxury villas with all the trimmings for my guests in a quiet area.
Here I work with small groups so I can give everyone individual attention. That to me is the most important thing !!

What can I do for you?

Sports coaching: Through my training as Sports instructor / Personal Coach and Sports Massage and my years of experience, I can help you improve your fitness.
Approximately four hours, distributed throughout the day, of intensive work under my guidance working on yourself by stretching, walking, aqua jogging and BBB gym. We walk in the beautiful nature, beaches and cliffs, which the Algarve has to offer.

Juice fasting: Three times a day you get a delicious juice of fruit or vegetables and in the evening a delicious soup. I bring a lot of variety, so the juice fasting is varied and fun and you will get a holiday feeling. Juice fasting is not boring... You do not have to forego. It is vacation time!

Relaxation and personal attention: During exercises, through massages, coaching, table conversations and personal attention when needed, I hope to give you a wonderful feeling of relaxation and pampering making you feel reborn.

In summery: You feel reborn, fit and lost a few pounds. Enjoy the compliments when you return home.
During a week, you are cut loose from the daily hustle and bustle with delicious juices and soups.
You get very close to yourself and you become more aware of all the small things in life that really matter: smells, tastes, all the good things in nature and the people around you.
You will appreciate life a bit more and contemplate again those things that you cannot always pay attention sufficiently, but that are important nevertheless.
A week of juice fasting does much for you, both physically and mentally, and I love to be able to be part of this process.