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What does detoxing actually mean?

“Complete purge for body and mind”

At first, you might think ‘How can we exercise while only having liquid foods for a week? I won’t have the energy! That’s the secret of detoxing: by merely feeding your body with juices and soups, you allow your body to rest in an effective way. In our everyday lives, our body has to deal with all kinds of waste products, toxins, stress, pressure, and this leaves little time to relax and to regain inner peace.

By following a detox programme, your body gets rid of waste products, mostly those piling up in your intestines. It is often said that most illnesses start in the intestines. The intestines absorb the nutrients we need from the food we eat. But after a while, not least because of our modern eating patterns, our intestinal walls get clogged up, so to speak. As a result, your body won’t be capable of absorbing the right nutrients, even if you stick to a healthy eating regimen. All the more reason to cleanse and rest your intestines. You can accelerate this process by taking some Epsom salts for a few days. Epsom salts withdraw water from your body; the water is absorbed by the intestines. There, the water gradually soaks off the sludge in your intestines and allows it to leave your body as your stools become very watery.

During the detox process, your entire digestive system calms down, and your body starts to burn off fat reserves, releasing stored waste products. Lots of exercise, massages, liver compresses and lots of water and special herbal infusions will help remove the waste products from your body. As a bonus, your skin will regain its natural complexion and you will feel fitter, lighter; your batteries recharged.

During the detox diet, you will get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need. The fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices and soups contain little or no fibres and can be absorbed easily by the blood. Moreover, you can drink as much water and tea as you like, all day long.

In principle, anyone can follow a detox programme. However, there are a few situations in which it is discouraged. The basic assumption is that you start your detox diet fit and healthy, and that you have asked your GP for approval. If you have any specific problems, please let me know so that we can talk about the dos and don’ts.