Simafit offers a wide range of treatments from which you can choose. 

Relaxation massage

This gentle massage creates a relaxed feeling in body and mind. Sometimes during massage you may realise how tender or stressed your body feels. In addition the massage improves the removal of waste products from the cells and stimulates the blood circulation.
During this massage in addition to legs, shoulders and neck, the front shoulders, face, head and abdomen are also treated.
It is very important when juice fasting to stimulate intestinal activity, such abdominal massage helps with that and it is also very relaxing and enjoyable.

Relaxing full body massage

A full body massage where the muscles are treated thoroughly and deeply. Your skin, muscles and connective tissues will become more flexible. As a result negative tensions disappear from your body and waste products can be removed more easily. As a finishing touch the body will be properly stretched.

Indonesian Head Massage

The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centers of our body. When due to fatigue and stress tension accumulates this may express itself later in the form of stiff shoulders, eyestrain and even headaches.
An Indonesian head massage is a type of massage using firm and gentle strokes and a pressure point techniques on the head, which helps you relax during the treatment. This will clear blocks and free you from tension and aches.
The treatment includes massaging your neck and the top of your shoulders.

Foot reflex massage

This is a structured way of massage, wherein pressure is exerted on the reflex points of the soles of the feet. The nerve endings of all our organs are on the soles of the feet, using this pressure point massage the reflexes are treated, giving you a relaxed feeling while also relieving certain complaints.

Chocolate Treatment

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy a delicious chocolate treatment! It significantly reduces localized fat and cellulite. Chocolate gives a deep hydration, and improves the smoothness of the skin.
Or enjoy a body treatment with bamboo and lotus. Bamboo and lotus are rich in vitamins A, B and C, amino acids and minerals. They have a soothing effect as well as healing and protective properties.

Energetic Treatment / Reiki

From now on Simafit offers a delicious energetic massage / Reiki treatment by Reiki Master Dorinda.

The energetic massage is meant to stimulate your energy and bring you in contact with your inner energy flow. You are encouraged to open the energy channels in your body and release the positive energy and drain the blocking energy. Usually soft, long strokes are made using the hands or fingertips. Energy is transfered using these motions. The points on the meridians or chakras are massaged. During the energetic massage, you are actually invited to feel what is going on inside of you.
By focusing your attention internally and by feeling, you may better realize this.
During an energetic massage, emotions, thoughts and memories emerge. These in turn can launch an awareness. The basic idea is to recognize these emotions, and accept them as part of yourself. If you do this, you free yourself from blockages and a healing takes place.

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal (rei) life energy (ki). Reiki, also called "cosmic energy", is all around us and inside of us. It is essential for all living beings.
Reiki is a method which operates with this universal life energy.

We get out of balance and have physical symptoms, for which a source may or may not be found.
Reiki restores again the ability to absorb energy, resulting in a properly functioning immune system. It removes wastes and improves the functioning of our organs.

Reiki can provide more inner peace and strength.


Of course beauty treatments can be enjoyed (facial traetments, pedicure, manicure).
Your detox week includes a free back-shoulder-neck massage (30 min) and a liver compress cobined with foot reflex massage (30 min).

Relaxation Massage 60min € 65,-
Back/Shoulder/Neck Massage 30min € 35,-
Anti stress massage 60min € 65,-
Foot reflex massage 45min € 55,-
Indonesian Head Massage 30min € 35,-
Body-peeling/massage 60min € 60,-
Facial Treatment 60min € 65,-
Bamboo Bodytreatment 90min € 100,-
Chocolate Bodytreatment 90min € 100,-
Pedicure 60min € 30,-
Manicure 60min € 20,-